A late-blooming American teen still waiting for her first period travels to Paris with her menopausal mom and her pregnant sister. Cultures and hormones clash.

On the surface, MY BITCHY WITCHY PARIS VACATION is about female hormones and how they seemingly define women. But ultimately it's about the pain and anxiety of the transitions we all go through. Contemporary, edgy, and funny, BITCHY WITCHY heightens that feeling of uncertainty we all experience when faced with change.

BITCHY WITCHY was conceived by writer/producer Alexis Niki, an American living in Paris, France. Shot entirely on location using Paris-based cast and crew, the film is slated for release in 2010.

Episode 1: It'll Never Be Over


Episode 2: A Deal With Santa

Episode 3: Baby Pictures


Episode 4: Nerdy Ferdie

Episode 5: Too Much Chocolat

Episode 6: Just a Little Bitchy Witchy